Brand Story


At ANK we believe in the limitless inspiration in the creation of jewellery for the human body. A distinctive line of luxurious bold statement pieces which at times are contemporary traditional pieces. Created for both men and women, the label is designed and celebrated to be bold, expressive and luxurious.

 ANK Jewellery is inspired by past cultures in creating its unique collection which foretells an interesting story, a metaphorical language, adorning not only the body but the soul, to help the wearer communicate to the viewer its intrinsic character. As such, our jewelleries are created from an infinite source of significant symbolism and forms, some subtle and others not.

ANK aspires to play with innumerable possibilities of elevating personality and character of men and women bearing expressions of who they are and want to be.

Quality and empowerment are key promises of the label to her customers. Whether in making a statement in a crowd or plainly expressing moods, ANK jewellery empowers her customers with intent, to be Bold, Confident and Sensual.

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